Your Input Sought – Open Survey Posted

A primary focus (purpose) of SBAUG has always been to respond to what its membership desires relative to Apple-based matters/issues  and the last elected SBAUG Executive Board (Jan 2016) seeks input from individuals that utilize (enjoy/benefit) any/all of SBAUG’s resources (real-time or online) to help them ‘steer’ the organization (aka ‘club’) further into the 21st century.  As such, YOUR INPUT via an online survey questionnaire is desired-requested!

FACT(S):  The SBAUG organization (aka ‘club’) is facing dwindling paid-memberships & free-Subscribers to it’s ever-popular email-based Discussion Group (list-Serve), stagnant growth in activity/followers within its Facebook presence and remarkably low attendance to its monthly General Meetings.

SBAUG’s leadership seeks to solicit suggestions/feedback from one-an-all that might help mitigate the above conditions and they INVITE (encourage) ANYONE to respond via the OPEN online survey available via the link below:

As an alternative to responding via the survey, you can send a direct email to any of the folks serving on the organization’s current Executive Board by clicking their corresponding link via the URL below:
Send Email To a Member of ExecBrd

No ‘deadline” for survey input has been specified by ExecBrd – that siad –  respond sooner-than-later using the above link (or direct email link) and let SBAUG’s leadership know your thoughts about what may help this organization (aka ‘club’) thrive.