CONTACT US:  Our organization is led and managed by a team of individuals who volunteer their time and talents – many of whom serve on the Executive Board.  Use the email hyperlinks provided below next to each position to initiate direct & timely communication with those serving on the organization’s management team. Elections for Officer positions are held annually in January (See NOTE below).  To learn about the expectations of those that volunteer to serve in any of the roles listed, click HERE to view the “sanctioned” descriptions for each.
 ~Executive Board~
2016-2017 Elected Term
2017-2018, 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 Acting Terms
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Face photo Kathy Gleason Kathy Gleason

•Vice President:
 Face photo Jim TinsleyJim Tinsley


Face photo Ian Lessing  Ian Lessing

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•Apple Ambassador:
Face photo Kathy Gleason Kathy Gleason

•Program Chair:

•Publicity Director:

Generic Male Head  Richard Johnston

•Other Key Contributors:
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•List-Serve Moderator:     •Website Admin:     •MoZ Support:
Graphic image Court Jester  Will R. Anonymous • List-Serve Moderator
• Website Admin
• MoZ Support

Face photo Ed Togami  Ed Togami

vCardIconClick* the Rolodex card icon to the left and you will initiate a download of a vCard (.vcf file) with our essential Contact Info.  Locate the file (SBAUG.vcf) on your device’s hard drive (typically in the Downloads folder) and double-click to add to your Contacts.

* When using a tablet or smartphone, PRESS and HOLD the icon and a dialogue will appear giving you the opportunity to open/add the card to your Contacts (Address Book).

NOTE: The Appointee and Other Key Contributor positions are filled on an as-needed-basis and the term-of-service may be open-ended (less or more than a year).  Any member-in-good-standing is eligible to be nominated for an upcoming election and if you are interested, let the Nominating Chairperson know via email using the following hyperlink: Submit Nomination.  See also Elections page.

† [CURRENTLY THIS FEATURE IS DISABLED] Alternatively you can HOVER your pointer over any title or string of words* that are dotted-underlined like this and a brief “unsanctioned” description will appear which may or may not include a hyperlink that can be clicked for additional information about a position’s duties/functions.  * When using a tablet or smartphone, TAP on word(s) with dotted underlining and the description will appear.