Membership, How To Join

Click HERE to review the Benefits Of Membership when joining the Santa Barbara Apple Users Group [SBAUG].

Membership Dues are just $25.00 per year and can be paid online with PayPal (links below).  We do ask that all prospective members review the organization’s By-Laws and acknowledge the terms of membership on your membership form. (More detail below.)

There’s more than one way to join SBAUG:

Option 1.  The SBAUG membership form & payment of dues can be completed, easily, using your computer & the internet!  Start by downloading the PDF version of our membership form by right-clicking HERE. Alternatively you can single-click HERE and the file will open in your web-browser if you have a PDF plug-in installed and complete the form in your browser.

When the file has reached your computer [or iOS device] open the PDF file using Adobe’s Acrobat Standard/Pro or Adobe Reader program [OS X, iOS or Windows].  Alternatively, the PDF file can be opened in Apple’s Preview program, however, the ‘buttons’ may not function in Preview [any version].  For maximum use of the form’s features, use Adobe Reader  [v7 or later recommended].

Enter the information requested on the form.  There is a clickable PayPal graphic on the form which will take you to PayPal where payment for the $25.00 Annual Membership Dues* can be processed [no PayPal account required].  When your online payment is complete, record the completed PayPal Transaction ID number on the Membership Form and indicate the date the payment was made.  When the form data is satisfactory, you can digitally sign the form if you are using Adobe Acrobat/Reader.  Next, follow the steps at the bottom of the form for your program of choice to preserve your data and submit the completed form via email.

Option 2.  Join at any of our regular monthly meetings.  While blank membership forms are always available at every meeting, you can download and complete the form beforehand using your computer or iOS device and bring a printed copy.  [See Instructions in Option 1 above.]  When paying by check, money order, etc., make payable to SBAUG.  See the Calendar page for our meeting schedule.

Option 3.  Download then print the Membership Form and complete it manually.  When paying by check, money order, etc., make payable to SBAUG and send the completed & signed form with payment to the address shown on the bottom of the form.


Remember dues are just $25.00 per year and can be paid online NOW by clicking the Pay Now With PayPal button or HERE.  

*Please note when you land at the PayPal transaction page, it is now possible, by adjusting the number of ‘annual memberships’ upwards, an individual can pay for multiple years [≥2 or more] for an individual membership; pay for two (2) or more unique memberships in a single household; pay for themselves and a ‘Gift’ membership for another individual(s); – all in a single PayPal transaction!  How kewl and convenient is that?!?  Before you submit the payment, be certain to click the “Add” link and provide the Member name(s) and email(s) you want associated with the dues being paid.
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