About Us

Pic nic on the beach for the Santa Barbara Apple User GroupThe  Santa Barbara Apple Users Group (SBAUG) was formerly known as the Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group. With all the new products and devices from Apple we wanted to have a name that was more inclusive of these products.

We’ve been around since 1984 and are still excited to use the amazing computers, phones, iPads etc. that Apple makes.

Our purpose is to inform, educate, and bring together Apple product enthusiasts of all ages. We are people helping people, exchanging information and tips and offering support to those who have chosen any Apple product. We welcome all Mac, “iAnything”, and other computer users too, newbies to techno-geeks.  Join us for learning and help with your Apple devices.

A sbaug meeting

Our general meetings are open to the public. These meetings feature question-and-answer help sessions; presentations by computer product developers and members of the local Apple Users community; and drawings, open to SBAUG members, for software, books and other treats! See our Calendar page for meeting schedules, program details, and directions. For Mac and iOS classes and workshops, see our Special Interest Groups page.

We encourage those interested in supporting our efforts to join. Membership in SBAUG costs only $25 a year. You can become a member at a meeting, by printing and mailing in our membership form, or via PayPal. Please see our Membership Page.

We hope to see you soon!