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The SBAUG List-Serve is an active discussion forum for interested Users of Apple hardware, software and peripherals that reside in Santa Barbara [and other parts of the world] to share Apple-related information and experiences that may seek technical support. This list has become an excellent resource for troubleshooting, exchanging timely information, mingling with like-minded people and getting the best out of your Apple products.

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“Netiquette” on the SBAUG List

As hosts of this gathering [forum], the Executive Board holds certain expectations regarding the appropriate tone, style and content of our subscribers’ posts. As an Apple Users Group, we expect posts to this List to fall within the following three general categories:

  • Help with specific problems using Apple products.
  • Questions and information on other Apple-related topics.
  • Buying and selling Apple-related items.

Please note that although subscribers may offer specific equipment and services to the List, or share an exceptional bargain they have discovered, explicitly commercial postings are prohibited. [Please see the addendum below.] For example, List members may mention the availability of commercial services or products on the List – but not prices. However, when private individuals offer personal equipment for sale, they may include prices. (Of course, all further correspondence regarding services or products should be conducted privately, not on the List.) It should also be understood that SBAUG makes no claim regarding services or products offered by members of this List.

We expect discussions here to remain focused, but not so tightly that we can’t all enjoy the occasional friendly digression. We are an informal community of people helping people, and while Apple-related topics are our primary common interest, we have no problem with a little peripheral chatter, as long as everyone stays friendly. However, we maintain that posting to this List is a privilege, not a right, and we reserve the right to exclude any subscribers whose contributions disrupt the harmony we strive to promote.

For more detailed discussions on the points of Netiquette supported here, please refer to Mailing List Manners 101 by Adam C. Engst at TidBITS.

Signed: Executive Board
Mac Bakewell, President • Ed Togami, Vice President• Robert Winokur, Secretary & Webmaster • Jim Tinsley, Treasurer • Pia Oliver, Program Chair • Anita Donohoe, Newsletter Editor • Ed Morin, Member-at -Large • Brian Carlin, Member-at -Large • Paul Cronshaw, List Administrator
February 8, 2001

Addendum: Advertising on the List

We, the Executive Board, have recently reviewed the issue of advertising on the SBAUG List Server, and have voted in favor of the following resolution:


  • Apple is a for-profit corporation, and every Apple reseller has the potential to contribute to Apple’s success, without which there would be no Apple products and thus no Apple Users Groups.
  • Supporting our local, independent Apple resellers and product vendors should be among our objectives as an Apple Users Group.


  • We should encourage authorized establishments like the MacMechanic and the MacSource to post announcements to this List in the nature and spirit of MacSource’s OS 9.1 update CDs, and MacMechanic’s Midnight Madness Sale.
  • This is not a blanket endorsement of all advertising or regular postings of advertising by any vendors to this List; it applies only to special merchandise and events, and special offers to the SBAUG group.
  • Local vendors are encouraged to post “problem solutions” to questions posted on this List, whether their reply be in the nature of sharing knowledge and experience, or offering a product which will provide a solution.
  • Therefore, and effective immediately, we are repealing our previously rigid restrictions on posts which might be construed as advertising. This privilege applies only to local, authorized Apple resellers and vendors of Apple products with bona-fide established businesses in our local area, and carries the understanding that these vendors will appreciate and respect our desire to keep discussions of prices off-list.

Signed: Executive Board
Mac Bakewell, President •  Ed Togami, Vice President •  Robert Winokur, Secretary & Webmaster • Jim Tinsley, Treasurer • Pia Oliver, Program Chair • Anita Donohoe, Newsletter Editor • Ed Morin, Member-at -Large • Brian Carlin, Member-at -Large
March 21, 2001

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