March, April & May 2016  Meeting Summaries

What follows in reverse chronological order are summaries of the past 3-months of SBAUG General Meetings.

18-May-2016 Meeting Summary. . .

Gary Shapiro lead a presentation on “disposable” emails and forwarding addresses.  Check back here for details of the presentation and participant reactions.  The prize winner of the $100 Apple gift card was Julian Dean.


20-April-2016 Meeting Summary. . . 

A hand’s-on “workshop” was shared using Google Hangouts. Not only did we get to see and hear about plug in’s, we also have a new insight into how Google Hangout operates.  A couple of GH’s advantages:  It can accommodate more than four (4) simultaneous participants (FaceTime limit is 4) and Google Hangout is also compatible with non-Apple devices which FaceTime is not.

Some video clips recorded during the Google Hangouts porftion of the evening are available for viewing pleasure by clicking the URL below:

Admittedly we experienced audio feedback difficulties as exemplified in the ‘sample videos’ primarily due to the fact that all but one of the GH participants were in the same room and each had sound turned waaaay up which created alot of crossover feedback.  We believe those  undesirable real-time effects won’t happen in a typical GH as long as participants are going to be in their own – separate – locales.

Gary Shapiro was the prize winner of the $100 Apple gift card.


16-March-2016 Meeting Summary. . . 

Ian Lessing lead a great presentation last night on 1Password. We learned so much on how better to protect our computers and devices from the evils of getting hacked. Ian made it look so easy to do and for us to understand. You really have to think twice about not having 1Password installed [or some other reputable password management utility program] on your Mac OS X and iOS devices for your own peace of mind and security.

Big congratulations to someone “who never wins anything.” Denise Rodriguez, yahoo, she was last night’s big winner of the $100 Apple gift card.

Footnote: For those that had requested we video the presentation, the camera and tripod were all set up and ready to go. Just one slight problem, we couldn’t figure out how to rewind the tape.  We haven’t used the camera in a long time and just couldn’t find the right button. Maybe we will try again in the future.


Contributors to above summaries Kathy Gleason & Peter M Robertson.


At our March meeting we’ll explore setting up and using 1Password software from Agilebits.

Meeting Location:  316 Castillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101

Meeting Time:  6:00pm


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  1. Hey Ian,

    I am really looking forward to this presentation. Based on a recent article I just read I need to do a better job in protecting my data using better passwords.

    I hope we have a great turnout.

    Thanks for offering to do this presentation.

    Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

    Kathy Gleason
    President, Santa Barbara Apple User Group

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