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  • Apple Event – 9.15.2020 – Spotlight On aWatch & iPad

    From 9to5Mac… Apple officially announces Apple Watch and iPad virtual event for September 15 iOS Users – for fun – click on this Hyperlink to land on Apple’s official posting.  Once the page loads ‘tap’ once (or twice) on the graphics and watch the magic unfold (some interaction required!)  Click this EXAMPLE to view the […]

  • Online Event: What To Do w/ Your Spare Time During A Pandemic

    Meeting Summary. . . All toll – a baker’s dozen gathered in Ed Adam’s Zoom presentation room and gobbled up his expertise, tips ‘n tricks relative to how to go about organizing & digitizing a collection of photos, negatives & slides before embarking on any small or large archival project. Software & hardware considerations were […]

  • WWDC20 Keynote Does Not Disappoint

    Considering the challenges a global pandemic presents coupled w/ their commitment to deploying socially responsible innovative real-time based technology which puts the health & safety of its employees & wanted-to-be-there attendees above all else, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) – for the very first time – is taking place entirely online – ALL WEEK LONG  – making everything available […]

  • Revolution: Apple Changing the World [MSNBC]

    In case you missed its 2nd airing on MSNBC Sunday April 8th [Brian Carlin Day 2018], Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in a town hall-style interview entitled: “Revolution: Apple Changing the World”.  MSNBC‘s Christopher Hayes and Recode‘s Kara Swisher hosted the interview which was taped March 27th in Chicago, IL.  The full transcript and uncut audio can […]

  • Brian Carlin Day 2018

    Remembering… Brian Bennett Carlin Born April 8, 1959 Died August 22, 2008 2018 marks the 10th anniversary since Brian’s passing.  Brian Carlin was a longtime member and staunch supporter of the mission and efforts of our organization during the period of time it was known as the Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group.† “Empowering” other people […]

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