16 September 2015 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary. . .

The second monthly gathering held in the Community Room at the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (SBCGS) building was, again, remarkable despite competing with the 2nd GOP Debate on national television, attendance at this month’s meeting was an all-time-?. Sincere apologies to folks (including presenters) that arrived after 6:00 PM and encountered the driveway security gate which refused to open – we will strive to never let that happen again!  Thanks to the Q & A session, one member reported after-the-fact being elated to learn from other SBAUGers that they had been operating on out-dated information their carrier-of-choice would not be able to accommodate a newer iPhone acquisition and is now poised to acquire something newer than their iPhone 4!!  Check back to this post for details about this month’s winner of the drawing for the Apple Gift Card.


Join us in the Community Room at the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (SBCGS) at 316 Castillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA.  Time: 6:00–8:00 p.m.  IMPORTANT TRAVEL ADVISORY!

This month’s customary Everything-Apple Q & A session will be followed by a fascinating presentation by Tracy Alfino, Low Vision Coordinator at Braille Institute Santa Barbara, assisted by Greg Benavidiez,  Access Technology Specialist.  They will present an overview of Braille Institute’s services followed by a demonstration of the great accessibility features of iOS in the iPhone and iPad, including Apps that are user-friendly to Users who are blind, visually impaired or have low vision.* Afterwards, the ever popular Members-Only drawing for a $100 Gift Card redeemable at
Apple’s Online or Retail Stores will be held.  August’s lucky winners were Ricky Rodriguez and William Noack.   Each SBAUG Member who attends the general meeting receives 2 complimentary drawing tickets.  When you renew your membership or become a new member at a meeting or online in the days preceding a given month’s meeting, you will receive 3 extra tickets for a total of five (5) tickets (NEW)!  Any member-in-good-standing who recruits a new member receives five (5) free tickets for the same month’s drawing!  Give a presentation approved by the Executive Board and receive five (5) free tickets for the same month’s drawing!  Additional drawing tickets can be purchased by Members-in-good-standing attending the month’s meeting for $3 each or 5 tickets for $10.

* Extended Description, in part, by Betsy Cramer SBAUG Secretary:  Most of us with “quasi-perfect” vision take for granted how important sight is when it comes to efficiently using our computers. smartphones, tablets and other IT-based devices! In sharp contrast, end-users of these IT-based devices that happen to be blind, visually impaired or have low vision are confronted by numerous challenges that could lead to despair without knowing about an array of assistive technologies that are available that break down barriers associated with less than “perfect” visual acuity.  We’re very excited about this unique presentation that may very well open-doors for folks attending this evening’s event.

Easy parking, complimentary wireless internet access and good company are always provided.

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REMINDER IMPORTANT TRAVEL ADVISORY!  Please review our Directions to SBCGS Meeting Space webpage for more details about the construction along Castillo St at the 101 Underpass and consider using alternate routes.

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