• Beginning in May 2017, SBAUG’s general meetings switched to “once-each-quarter” schedule.  The general meetings are open to the public and are typically held on the 1st Thursday of the given month. Time: 6:00–7:30 p.m.  Click corresponding item in calendar below for location and more information.  Additionally, when provided, information of an upcoming meeting is posted to this site’s “home” page and email notifications are also sent to members of SBAUG.

• SBAUG’s Executive Board meets at least once each quarter of a calendar year.  Meetings of the Executive Board are open to general members of SBAUG.  In recent years these meetings occur the first Thursday of a given month. Time: 6:00–8:00 p.m.  Click corresponding item in calendar below for location and more information.  NOTE:  Location/venue varies and may even be held via a Google Hangout.  Contact one of the members of Executive Board for specifics of a given meeting.

Click other events in the calendar for more details.

All meeting and/or event dates & locations are subject to change.

To subscribe to this calendar using iCal/Calendar [Mac OS X or macOS], first click HERE.  Next, open the Downloads Folder and locate the most recent file named “basic.ics” and double-click the file and the SBAUG Meetings & Events calendar will be added to  iCal [or any other calendar program-client that supports the CalDAV or .ics protocol].  Once the calendar has been added to iCal – presuming Calendar synching is enabled on the computer – the SBAUG Meetings & Events calendar should appear on any iOS devices linked to the same account(s).

Calendar Event Submittal:  Do you know of an upcoming event about using Apple hardware and/or software that should be included in this Calendar?  Submit event name and description, date(s), time [start & finish], cost [if any] and, location details along with the name, contact info and website, if any, for individual/organization hosting the event via email: CLICK HERE.

• An alternative SBAUG online calendar ala GitHub can be viewed using the link below.  FYI – this resource does not appear to be routinely updated/maintained.

Upcoming meetings.