WWDC20 Keynote Does Not Disappoint

Considering the challenges a global pandemic presents coupled w/ their commitment to deploying socially responsible innovative real-time based technology which puts the health & safety of its employees & wanted-to-be-there attendees above all else, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) – 
for the very first time – is taking place entirely online – ALL WEEK LONG  – making everything available to ‘anyone’!

The collective Keynote Team presentation(s) were slick and seamless – a masterfully creative digital-video & editing accomplishment in and of itself ! This likely made the slew of announcements (+1:48:00) about Apple operating system(s) & hardware advancements all the more comprehensible while thrilling for the millions of ‘socially-distanced’ developers and Apple-product fan-boys/girls watching from afar around the globe!

Features of upcoming [likely Fall ’20] versions of operating systems for iPhones (iOS 14), iPads (iPadOS 14), Macs (macOS 11 aka Big Sur), AppleWatch (watchOS 7) & AppleTV (tvOS 14) were gleefully announced and demonstrated. Tools, resources & support available for 3rd-party Developers to seamlessly take advantage of the new OSes and hardware was also revealed.  Perhaps one of the most ‘ground-breaking’ announcements was confirmation from Apple CEO Tim Cook of what had been churning in the rumor mill  – Apple is without-a-doubt in the midst of implementing a two-year plan to transition from using intel processors in its Macs to ‘Apple Silicon‘ designed processor(s) with System-on-Chip (SoC) and System-in-Package (SiP) technologies!  The likelihood seems great that all of these planned advancements to Apple’s ecosystem coupled-with providing ALL of WWDC20 events online will result in a remarkable expansion to its developer and enduser base!

In case you missed WWDC20’s Keynote presentation(s), it can be viewed [heard] – in its entirety – via Apple’s website or via YouTube [Except for song lyrics – both renditions offer closed-captions/subtitles options].  There is also a plethora of ‘highlights’ (condensed) video representations of the Keynote on YouTube including: Everything you need to know about WWDC 2020, day one [Apple]; Apple’s WWDC announcements in 20 minutes  [Engadget]; and WWDC20 Explained as fast as possible! (iOS 14, ARM, & more!) [91Tech].  For a ‘quasi-current’ list of ‘everything-wwdc20’ available on YouTube click HERE.

To scroll through the ‘hits’ of a Google-Search that includes summaries/reviews published in print [text] format, click/tap on this Google Search hyperlink.

For more information about individual Sessions (w/ daily updates), Forums & Labs offered throughout the week and more, visit the WWDC20 site.

UPDATE: Friday, 06-26-2020 – 11:37 From CNET Now (Newsletter): Apple iOS 14 hands-on preview2 ways your iPad will be more like your Mac with iPadOS 14; 3 big iOS 14 features Apple didn’t mention at the WWDC keynote

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