Notice Of Intent To Revise By-Laws

UPDATE:  All Voting officially closed 18-December-2013.  Click here to review voting results.

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On November 7, 2013 the Executive Board endorsed what should be viewed as the 2nd phase of revisions to the organization’s By-Laws after changing its name to Santa Barbara Apple Users Group in October 2012.  It is the belief of the Executive Board that the proposed revisions better reflect the current organizational purpose, structure and clarify certain statements or requirements.

In accordance with Article VIII: Amendments To By-Laws. Section 8.0.1 of the current By-Laws,  this webpage serves as part of the required “Notice” to the general membership at least 15 days prior to an upcoming vote to approve the By-Laws as revised.  This ‘Notice’ accompanied by the documents identified and linked below reflect the changes to the By-Laws that are being contemplated [recommended].

Click HERE to open a PDF document with a side-by-side comparison of the current [18-Oct-2012] and proposed  [7-Nov-2013] By-Laws.

Click HERE to open a PDF document with a ‘standalone’ copy of the proposed  [7-Nov-2013] By-Laws.

When you have input or suggestions on this matter you can:

1) Send them via email to the Executive Board, or

2) Submit them using the Leave A Reply [Comment] blog interface below.  In order to post a public comment to this feed, a ‘name’ & email is required  – your email will not be displayed nor will it be used for any promotional purposes or unsolicited email.

ATTENTION MEMBERS*: Stay tuned for email notification of when a vote will be called and how to cast your Yea or Nay vote electronically. [Subject to change.]

*”MEMBERS” refers to individuals who have submitted a SBAUG Membership Form and payment of annual dues is current.  SBAUG Email List-Only Subscribers are not “Members”.  For more information about becoming a Member of this users group organization, click HERE.

 For those interested in viewing a color-highlighted side-by-side comparison of the various revisions contemplated/introduced during all of phase two – click HERE.  Be forewarned this is a tabloid size single-page document that will require significant ‘zoomage’ to read which may be difficult if viewed in web browser… suggest downloading file to computer and viewing with Acrobat Reader or Preview.


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  1. Anonymous Comment Made By A Member Via the On-Line Polls 12/5/2013 2:46 PM:
    “I had trouble with the format: exactly what changes were proposed in all that verbiage? Maybe color variations to mark them out would help.”

    In the last paragraph above there is a link to view a ‘color-ized’ presentation of the progression of revisions during all of Phase 2 of the By-Laws Revision project.

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