17 August 2016 Main Meeting  Use Virtual Machine To Maintain Legacy OS X & Apps

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According to Jim Tinsley, the lucky winner of the Apple Gift Card drawing was Harold Adams and Ian demonstrated how to set up Snow Leopard (OS X v10.6.8) to run as a virtual machine using VM[Ware] Fusion on a Mac computer running El Capitan (OS X v10.11.x).  Ian mentioned that Oracle’s VirtualBox alternative is not as easy to use as [VMWare] Fusion, but it is free. For more details about other solutions andconsiderations when using virtual machines  with OS X or Windows see the original announcement below and hyperlinks therein.


Please join us in the Community Room at the Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society (SBlCGS) at 316 Castillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA.  Time: 6:00–8:00 p.m.  Click HERE for directions.  

vm_iconThis month’s featured presentation, led by SBAUG Member Ian Lessing, will focus on a strategic solution(s) that will enable users to run legacy PowerPC (PPC) software on late model Macs running newer versions of Apple’s OS X!  The presentation will discuss 3rd-party software (Parallels, VMWare Fusion, VirtualBox for Mac, etc) that allows for the creation of a “virtual mac-osx-snow-leopardMacUniversal_logo_universalmachine” (VM) on a Mac’s hard drive coupled with the installation of Apple’s last operating system capable of supporting use of PPC applications — Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server (v10.6.8) which, under Apple’s EULA, is the version of OS X that is authorized to be ‘virtualized’. *

The anticipated demonstration will show how to seamlessly use the VM and its legacy programs along-side newer programs on a Mac with OS X v10.7 or later: including El Capitan (v10.11)!   This software solution may be particularly attractive to users that have postponed upgrading to a newer version of Apple’s operating system because they do not want to loose the ability to use their mission-critical PPC-only applications.  Those in attendance will be encouraged to share
their experiences and insights as the discussion considers the pros and cons about using “virtual machines” and the different 3rd-party options that make this melding of the ‘best of both words” feasible.

The traditional Q&A ‘Everything Apple” period will open the evening and the ever popular $100 Apple-Gift-Card drawing will follow the featured presentation.  (Drawing tickets are available to SBAUG Members only and each member-in-good-standing (MIGS) in attendance receives two (2) complimentary tickets and can purchase more tickets for $3 each or five tickets for $10.)

Easy parking, complimentary wireless internet access and good company are always provided.

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