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Revolution: Apple Changing the World [MSNBC]

Program Banner with the word Revolution in ALL Caps followed by Apple's logo and the words Apple Changing the WorldIn case you missed its 2nd airing on MSNBC Sunday April 8th [Brian Carlin Day 2018], Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in a town hall-style interview entitled: “Revolution: Apple Changing the World”.  MSNBC‘s Christopher Hayes and Recode‘s Kara Swisher hosted the interview which was taped March 27th in Chicago, IL.  The full transcript and uncut audio can be found on Recode’s website by clicking on THIS hyperlink. Video excerpts can be found within YouTube.

Brian Carlin Day 2018


Texting via a tee-shirt

Brian Bennett Carlin
Born April 8, 1959
Died August 22, 2008

2018 marks the 10th anniversary since Brian’s passing.  Brian Carlin was a longtime member and staunch supporter of the mission and efforts of our organization during the period of time it was known as the Santa Barbara Macintosh Users Group.

“Empowering” other people to use Apple-Macintosh computers/devices was something Brian truly enjoyed doing.  Brian’s general philosophy was that no one … Continue reading

4 May 2017 Main Meeting – iMechanics Overview

Meeting Summary. . . 

Kathy Gleason reported: Glenn McArdle, Director of Operations for iMechanics|powered by SecurePRO, accompanied by Jason (Julian?), were a big hit with folks in attendance!  Glenn talked about the history of iMechanics, the company’s services and resources (see footnote below) and shared some Apple trivia as well as.  According to Kathy Gleason the presentation included a lively discussion with everyone learning a little something new.  A special thanks to the as yet unidentified lady who … Continue reading

Monthly Meetings Suspended Until Further Notice

nomeeting1Due to a shrinking level of interest in and lack of offers to assist with organizing and hosting SBAUG’s monthly meetings, effective immediately, general meetings are hereby suspended until further notice.  This notice includes the meeting that was previously announced for January 5, 2017.  Watch this site for updates and subscribe to SBAUG’s Calendar of Events – by clicking HERE.  To leave a comment/suggestion, LogIn.

1 December 2016 Main Meeting  CANCELED

sbauglogowname_holiday2016This month’s meeting is canceled. We regret any inconvenience this 11th-hour notification causes anyone. The next schedule meeting of SBAUG at the Goleta Branch Library is January 5, 2017. Watch this site for updates and subscribe to SBAUG’s Calendar of Events – by clicking HERE. Until then, best wishes for a happy holiday season shared with family, friends, festivities and fantastic eats!