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15 July 2015 Main Meeting – Petrini’s in Goleta

Join us in the meeting room at Petrini’s Italian Restaurant at 5711 Calle Real, Goleta!  Time: 6:00–8:00 p.m.

The evening gathering will begin with an informal Question & Answer exchange that lends to lively & informative discussions among attendees about their experiences (good & not-so-good) using Apple Inc.’s products.  This month the Q & A session will be followed by SBAUG Member Julian Dean leading a discussion on “Everything Email” covering the intricacies of email client (program) and email service setup, troubleshooting and much much more. *

Afterwards, the ever popular Members-Only drawing for a $100 GiftCard … Continue reading

17 June 2015 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

Approximately 23 persons attended this month’s evening gathering and shared lots of laughs intermingled with an exchange of great Apple-based information.  Noteworthy topics covered during the Q & A period included dis ‘n dat. The featured presentation led by President Kathy Gleason and Vice-President Harold Adams confirmed a rumor that one SBAUG member “returned” their Apple Watch after only … Continue reading