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17 December 2014 Main Meeting – Petrini’s in Goleta

Our general meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of the month, in the meeting room at Petrini’s Italian Restaurant, 5711 Calle Real, Goleta.  
Time: 6:00–8:00 p.m.

In keeping with tradition, the evening gathering begins with an informal Questions & Answers session that lends to lively & informative exchanges among attendees about their experiences [good & not-so-good] using Apple Inc.’s products.  

This month the Q & A session will be followed by our first-ever GAME NIGHT!  Kathy and Harold (President and Vice-President) will preside, participants will form teams for the competitions and the subject matter won’t be entirely ‘Apple’ – so don’t be intimidated!  You don’t want to miss this evening of camaraderie, fun and games so mark your calendars now.  At the conclusion of the games, the ever popular Members-Only drawing for a $100 GiftCard … Continue reading

15-October-2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

After the informal Q & A [Questions & Answers] session which covered how to update and clean out our contact list and many other tips and tricks, we got to learn a little more about iBank 5.  SBAUG President Kathy Gleason said, “it was great to see everyone who turned out for the meeting”. … Continue reading

17-September-2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

After a rocky and late start due to some technical difficulties which were eventually resolved with suggestions from Ricky Rodriguez, troubleshooting by Kenzie Togami and Ed Adams providing an alternate projector, Jim Tinsley [Past President] presented an overview and real-time demonstration on the big screen of the long-rumored Members-only Zone [MoZ] which was made accessible to SBAUG Members earlier in the week.  The MoZ in the organization’s ‘extra-spicey’ WordPress-based website offers Forums, [Hardware and Software related], Classified Ads and Special Offers exclusively for … Continue reading

16 July 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

July’s meeting had a good turn out with many new and familiar faces.  During the informative discussions about iOS iPhoto Web Journal, Blu-ray, Caches, Mac OS, Mac Magazines and GPS & Geocaching, Ian Lessing ‘googled’ the various topics and displayed on the large screen via AppleTV several related URLs – some of the URLs are shared here … Continue reading

18 June 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

June “Thank Yous” for a fun meeting mix go out to Kathy,  Jim, Harold, Tom S., and, Ricky & Denise for their short presentations, product sample show-and-tells, and the evening’s discussions: => from 1) Reviews of 3rd-party hardware add-ons for Apple devices that are useful while traveling (stylus styles, cost differences, and some vendor sites — plus, a cool solar power strip), to 2) TripCase, a travel trip organizer app, to 3) Kathy’s shout-out for Gary R’s free online learning site, MacMost,com, with sample topic video [iPhoto printing] shown on the big screen, to … Continue reading

21 May 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

May’s meeting marked the 1-year anniversary of hosting the monthly meetings at Petrini’s Media Room. Highlights: Video from BestAppSite.com: Terry L. White showing 10 iPhone Tips & Tricks.  ——— Q&A regarding Mail IMAP/POP configurations; plus, the Cloud & Apple’s iCloud info;  Sample-model of MounTek magnetic mount (for car CD slot) for mobile devices (phone, GPS, tablet); _and WAZE, a GPS navigation info app.  ———  A short video about TILE — thetileapp.com — for keeping track of items. … Continue reading

Apple To Replace Faulty On-Off Switches On iPhone 5

Excerpt from a NY Times report..  “Apple has offered to replace faulty on-off buttons on the iPhone 5… models manufactured through March 2013… in which the button… stops functioning or works only intermittently.  Owners can type in their iPhone serial numbers on Apple’s website to see if their phones qualify for a fix.”  Click HERE to visit Apple’s dedicated “iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program” webpage where one can enter an iPhone 5 serial number to see if your device is covered.

16 April 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

At April’s meeting Ian Lessing gave a whole-evening presentation on the versatile GoPro Hero3 [Black Edition] camera for video, time lapse, and the GoPro Studio editing software — and answered questions about the camera specs. He showed the hollow-pole mount [it floats] that he used for some action surfing video: the camera comes with a waterproof housing. With no focusing [fixed lens] and no moving parts the GoPro makes a perfect camera for action captures. Ian opened the GoPro Studio editing software and showed … Continue reading

19 March 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

Our March meeting featured a presentation by Ed Adams on how he post-processes his digital images using an assortment of applications [programs] including  Aperture, iPhoto, Lightroom, and plugins.

Projecting on Petrini’s big screen from his MacBook Pro, Ed showed how helpful plugins can be when finalizing images in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or Photoshop Elements. Add-on (plugin) programs save time and do a great job, plus, offering some unique image adjustment tools. Plugins like Intensify Pro and … Continue reading

19 February 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

February’s meeting began with the introduction of guests and their questions: connection via WiFi; and smart phone interfaces. Our Q&A discussions included: 1) an option available for the iPhone home screen — a minimalist style; 2) the different ways to print from an iPad– via the newest printers and … Continue reading

15 January 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

January’s meeting included electing the 2014-2015 Officers [results below] and the customary Question and Answer session covering: An Apple Mail account and mail clients; Gmail message management and deletions; Major difference between iOS device ‘backup(s)’ and ‘archive(s)'; and, an iTunes 11 – show sidebar tip.  SBAUG Ambassador Kathy Gleason also took the opportunity … Continue reading

By-Laws Approved & Adopted As Revised

Votes on the revisions to the organization’s By-laws were cast, for the first time in the organization’s history, using an online voting system which was supplemented by a handful of traditional paper ballots.  Voting officially closed at the end of the 18-December-2013  general meeting and the final tally shows the Yeas carrying the motion to adopt and approve the revised By-Laws!  The detailed results of the vote … Continue reading

18 December 2013 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

December’s meeting included a list of super-handy-cool-stuff presented by several folks:

  • How-To create and add your signature to sign a PDF with Preview.
  • OS X Image Capture‘s cool tasks & tricks.
  • iPhoto: Two suggestions for making/moving copies — and removing photos from iPhoto’s database.  … Continue reading

18 September 2013 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

September’s round-table discussion included several topics. 1) Organizing photos: Digital cameras make it easy to take a lot of pictures. Ed Adams [SBAUG Member] recommends to evaluate them as they come in, put “second tier” images on another hard drive, and, make sure to add “key words” or “people’s names” to them.  Plus, back up  … Continue reading

21 August 2013 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

August’s topic featured Ed Togami and his son Kenzie, who talked about the “Maker” movement. The basic premise is to use simple computer interfaces plus various electronic hardware, transducers, etc., to make simple devices to do fun and useful things. As with all things computer, the hobbyist uses software to control his/her devices and to determine what they do. This harkens back to the days of early amateur radio … Continue reading

15 May 2013 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

Panoramic view of SBAUG's new meeting space at Petrini's

Panoramic view of SBAUG’s inaugural gathering in the meeting room at Petrini’s.
Photo Credit: Ian Lessing

May’s round-table discussion: RoaringApps, an application-compatibility wiki for Mac OS X Mountain Lion & iOS 5, databasing thousands of apps and whether they’re compatible with Mountain Lion. Deleting applications: One product, AppZapper, finds the extra files and lets you delete them with one click.  Adobe’s announcement that future versions of the company’s Creative Suite products, including Photoshop, will be available only on a  … Continue reading

Robert Wilmott: 1948-2013

Robert Wilmott

Robert Wilmott

Robert was a longtime  and dedicated member of our Users Group and served on the Board for many years.   The Santa Barbara Independent published an ‘In Memorium’ article about Robert Wilmott online on 20-January-2013.  It begins with ‘Robert Wilmott passed away suddenly on January 10, 2013, in Arkansas, where he had flown to make final arrangements for his sister Diana Brown, who had died unexpectedly one week before.”   To read the full article … Continue reading