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  • •Publicity Director:

    Responsible for publicizing the organization’s meetings/activities in local public media venues; post announcements & reminders about general meetings/activities to the organization’s Email Discussion List (List-Serve); respond to follow-up inquiries from media venues, members & the general public.  See sample Publicity Email.

  • •Past President:

    Provide continuity between outgoing and incoming Executive Boards;  support incoming president and assist as requested; and, host weekly Office Hours.

  • •Treasurer:

    Record income (dues, donations, advertising fees, etc.) & expenses in a financial data management system; report activity to the Board; and, prepare quarterly & annual Income and Expense financial statements.  See also By-Laws Sec. 6.1.4.

  • •Secretary:

    Record & distribute minutes of business transacted during meetings of Executive Board; when requested, solicit & distribute first draft of agendas for Executive Board meetings; assist with collection of income during general meetings and reporting attendance/activity; and, see also By-Laws Sec. 6.1.3.

  • •Vice President:

    Assist with preparations for monthly meetings; record/report general meeting attendance/activity including membership renewals & new-member sign-ups in the absence of the treasurer; lead Question & Answer session during monthly meetings; oversee meeting drawings including ticket distribution/sales and report income to the treasurer.   See also By-Laws Sec. 6.1.2.