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Central Depository (Repository) For Website To Dos Presented in chronological order added to list. Add new items at ‘bottom’ of this list.  When indicating a specific task is complete – be sure to make notations on the  SiteAdminTechNotes page.

TASKS LONG and SHORT TERM Date Added WHO Added Date Done WHO Did
Adjust Display Size of Headings on Pages, Posts & Feed Page.  Also Navigation Sub Menus 08-25-13 MW 08-26-13 PMR
 Adopt SOP Format & Content When Updating Past Meeting POST-pages and Implement 08-25-13  PMR
Update links to external sites on to Open In New Tab/Window 08-25-13 PMR
Write a ‘Detail’ Meeting Summary for August 08-25-13  PMR
 Mouse Times page mentions ‘SBMUG’s Blog’ starting in 2006 along with Podcasts. Where is that ‘blog’ located?  08-25-13  PMR
Contact owner of “” and request photos Resolved this – created PDF and linked on Programs 2003 08-25-13 PMR  08-25-13  PMR
Contact owner of “’ [Bob DeLaurentis] & request a working link or PDF itself of his outline mentioned/linked bottom of Programs 2004 08-25-13 PMR
Add Code to Display ‘Current Date’ on Calendar Page as it was on old site… ‘Today Is…’ 08-25-13 PMR
 ‘Fix’ Search Field in Side Bar So It Searches and Does Not Redirect to PayPal 08-25-13  PMR
Scrutinize PDF file with itemized list showing what was migrated [or not] along with notes Verify migration is ‘complete’. 08-25-13 PMR
Investigate rewrite of ‘redirect rules’ from old to new site to ‘preserve’ functionality of what is in ‘search engines’ 08-26-13 RW
Look at & update meta data in headers for keywords. Add/submit new site/pages to search engines. Click HERE for Google Search Results Is the new site being tracked with same web-statistics tracking tool?  Is it web-based and accessible to other Admins? 08-26-13 PMR
 Submit Site (1) and Pages (34) URLs to Google Search Engine 08-29-13 PMR 08-29-13 PMR
 Submit Site (1) and Pages (34) URLs to Yahoo Search Engine Contact PMR for a ‘cheat sheet’ to make the process a little easier. 08-29-13 PMR
 Submit Site (1) and Pages (34) URLs to Bing Search Engine Contact PMR for a ‘cheat sheet’ to make the process a little easier. 08-29-13 PMR
 Submit Site Posts to Google, Yahoo & Bing  08-29-13  PMR
 Add SiteAdminTechNotes & SiteAdminTechToDos Pages 08-27-13  PMR  08-27-13 PMR
 Setup & Link a Dynamic ‘SBAUG Google Calendar’ on the Calendar Page 08-27-13  PMR
 Setup FTP Access For Administrators so they can upload files larger than the default 7 MB cap. 08-27-13  PMR
 Establish then link email address to use on site where ‘Write To Us’ links exist. 08-27-13  PMR
 Set Functional a Blog Page That Allows Comments from Visitors – [Assume Part of Reason Moved to WP site type.] Same or Different from current feed page?  08-27-13  PMR
  Update, Complete and Publish ‘Benefits of Membership’ Page then add to Menu  08-27-13  PMR