Extended Description Of List-Serves

Extended Description of Email Discussion Lists (aka List-Serves)*

Our organization hosts two (2) complimentary (free) subscription-based email discussion lists that include online Archives of prior posts:

General Discussion List-Serve (Open to the public); and,
Board Discussion List-Serve (Reserved exclusively for members of Executive Board and Key Contributors).

Master Administrator (Both General & Board): Primary contact with domain host regarding list-serve(s) configuration, archiving and associated technical problems; oversees configuration of Pipermail/Mailman (or other) list-serve software and any associated virtual email system; periodic off-site backup; provide orientation & passwords to frontline Moderators/Administrators; etc.

Moderator/Administrator (Frontline): Monitor & moderate daily post activity; respond to emailed requests from subscriber’s as well as moderation and bounce email notifications promulgated by list-serve system; monitor new and discontinued subscriptions; configure customizable features (content) of list-serve’s subscriber interface; periodically analyze & report on overall subscriber make-up, activity and statistics.

*Subject to revisions.