Nominations Now Open – Elected Officers 2015-2016 Term

SBAUGLogo_Name6UPDATE:  Nominations closed Sunday, 12-14-2014 – 17:00.  Members-in-good-standing will received notification come January 2015 via email with information about how to cast your votes online for the candidates.

Nominations are now open for the four (4) Elected Officer positions on SBAUG’s Executive Board.  The elected officer positions are:  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Nominees must be members-in-good-standing* to run for an office.  Nominations for Officers may be made by any member-in-good-standing* on or before … Continue reading

15-October-2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

After the informal Q & A [Questions & Answers] session which covered how to update and clean out our contact list and many other tips and tricks, we got to learn a little more about iBank 5.  SBAUG President Kathy Gleason said, “it was great to see everyone who turned out for the meeting”. … Continue reading

17-September-2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

After a rocky and late start due to some technical difficulties which were eventually resolved with suggestions from Ricky Rodriguez, troubleshooting by Kenzie Togami and Ed Adams providing an alternate projector, Jim Tinsley [Past President] presented an overview and real-time demonstration on the big screen of the long-rumored Members-only Zone [MoZ] which was made accessible to SBAUG Members earlier in the week.  The MoZ in the organization’s ‘extra-spicey’ WordPress-based website offers Forums, [Hardware and Software related], Classified Ads and Special Offers exclusively for … Continue reading

16 July 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

July’s meeting had a good turn out with many new and familiar faces.  During the informative discussions about iOS iPhoto Web Journal, Blu-ray, Caches, Mac OS, Mac Magazines and GPS & Geocaching, Ian Lessing ‘googled’ the various topics and displayed on the large screen via AppleTV several related URLs – some of the URLs are shared here … Continue reading

18 June 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

June “Thank Yous” for a fun meeting mix go out to Kathy,  Jim, Harold, Tom S., and, Ricky & Denise for their short presentations, product sample show-and-tells, and the evening’s discussions: => from 1) Reviews of 3rd-party hardware add-ons for Apple devices that are useful while traveling (stylus styles, cost differences, and some vendor sites — plus, a cool solar power strip), to 2) TripCase, a travel trip organizer app, to 3) Kathy’s shout-out for Gary R’s free online learning site, MacMost,com, with sample topic video [iPhoto printing] shown on the big screen, to … Continue reading