19 March 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

Our March meeting featured a presentation by Ed Adams on how he post-processes his digital images using an assortment of applications [programs] including  Aperture, iPhoto, Lightroom, and plugins.

Projecting on Petrini’s big screen from his MacBook Pro, Ed showed how helpful plugins can be when finalizing images in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or Photoshop Elements. Add-on (plugin) programs save time and do a great job, plus, offering some unique image adjustment tools. Plugins like Intensify Pro and … Continue reading

19 February 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

February’s meeting began with the introduction of guests and their questions: connection via WiFi; and smart phone interfaces. Our Q&A discussions included: 1) an option available for the iPhone home screen — a minimalist style; 2) the different ways to print from an iPad– via the newest printers and … Continue reading

15 January 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

January’s meeting included electing the 2014-2015 Officers [results below] and the customary Question and Answer session covering: An Apple Mail account and mail clients; Gmail message management and deletions; Major difference between iOS device ‘backup(s)’ and ‘archive(s)’; and, an iTunes 11 – show sidebar tip.  SBAUG Ambassador Kathy Gleason also took the opportunity … Continue reading

By-Laws Approved & Adopted As Revised

Votes on the revisions to the organization’s By-laws were cast, for the first time in the organization’s history, using an online voting system which was supplemented by a handful of traditional paper ballots.  Voting officially closed at the end of the 18-December-2013  general meeting and the final tally shows the Yeas carrying the motion to adopt and approve the revised By-Laws!  The detailed results of the vote … Continue reading

18 December 2013 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

December’s meeting included a list of super-handy-cool-stuff presented by several folks:

  • How-To create and add your signature to sign a PDF with Preview.
  • OS X Image Capture‘s cool tasks & tricks.
  • iPhoto: Two suggestions for making/moving copies — and removing photos from iPhoto’s database.  … Continue reading