21 May 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

May’s meeting marked the 1-year anniversary of hosting the monthly meetings at Petrini’s Media Room. Highlights: Video from BestAppSite.com: Terry L. White showing 10 iPhone Tips & Tricks.  ——— Q&A regarding Mail IMAP/POP configurations; plus, the Cloud & Apple’s iCloud info;  Sample-model of MounTek magnetic mount (for car CD slot) for mobile devices (phone, GPS, tablet); _and WAZE, a GPS navigation info app.  ———  A short video about TILE — thetileapp.com — for keeping track of items. … Continue reading

Apple To Replace Faulty On-Off Switches On iPhone 5

Excerpt from a NY Times report..  “Apple has offered to replace faulty on-off buttons on the iPhone 5… models manufactured through March 2013… in which the button… stops functioning or works only intermittently.  Owners can type in their iPhone serial numbers on Apple’s website to see if their phones qualify for a fix.”  Click HERE to visit Apple’s dedicated “iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program” webpage where one can enter an iPhone 5 serial number to see if your device is covered.

16 April 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

At April’s meeting Ian Lessing gave a whole-evening presentation on the versatile GoPro Hero3 [Black Edition] camera for video, time lapse, and the GoPro Studio editing software — and answered questions about the camera specs. He showed the hollow-pole mount [it floats] that he used for some action surfing video: the camera comes with a waterproof housing. With no focusing [fixed lens] and no moving parts the GoPro makes a perfect camera for action captures. Ian opened the GoPro Studio editing software and showed … Continue reading

19 March 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

Our March meeting featured a presentation by Ed Adams on how he post-processes his digital images using an assortment of applications [programs] including  Aperture, iPhoto, Lightroom, and plugins.

Projecting on Petrini’s big screen from his MacBook Pro, Ed showed how helpful plugins can be when finalizing images in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or Photoshop Elements. Add-on (plugin) programs save time and do a great job, plus, offering some unique image adjustment tools. Plugins like Intensify Pro and … Continue reading

19 February 2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

February’s meeting began with the introduction of guests and their questions: connection via WiFi; and smart phone interfaces. Our Q&A discussions included: 1) an option available for the iPhone home screen — a minimalist style; 2) the different ways to print from an iPad– via the newest printers and … Continue reading