17-September-2014 Main Meeting

Meeting Summary…

After a rocky and late start due to some technical difficulties which were eventually resolved with suggestions from Ricky Rodriguez, troubleshooting by Kenzie Togami and Ed Adams providing an alternate projector, Jim Tinsley [Past President] presented an overview and real-time demonstration on the big screen of the long-rumored Members-only Zone [MoZ] which was made accessible to SBAUG Members earlier in the week.  The MoZ in the organization’s ‘extra-spicey’ WordPress-based website offers Forums, [Hardware and Software related], Classified Ads and Special Offers exclusively for SBAUG Members.   Questions and Answers about the MoZ features, user-interface and navigation to the different areas were interspersed throughout the presentation.  Following the presentation was a discussion of the new iPhones and iOS 8 led by Ed Adams.The finale was the ever popular ‘Members-Only’ drawing for a $100 GiftCard redeemable at Apple’s Online or Retail Stores, and the lucky winner was… Ron Fisk.


Our general meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of the month, in the meeting room at Petrini’s Italian Restaurant, 5711 Calle Real, Goleta.  

Time: 6:00–8:00 p.m.

In keeping with tradition, the evening gathering begins with an informal Q & A [Questions & Answers] session that lends to lively & informative exchanges among attendees about their experiences [good & not-so-good] using Apple Inc.’s products  This month the
Q & A session will be followed by an overview and real-time demonstration by SBAUG members via the big screen of the long-rumored Members-only Zone [MoZ] which will soon-be accessible to SBAUG Members within the organization’s ‘extra-spicey’ WordPress-based website.   Following the presentation will be the ever popular ‘Members-Only’ drawing for a $100 GiftCard redeemable at Apple’s Online or Retail Stores.  Each SBAUG Member who attends the general meeting receives 2 free drawing tickets, and when you renew your membership or become a new member at the meeting you receive a 3rd ticket!  Members can also buy additional drawing tickets for $3 each: or, 5 tickets for $10.  Complimentary wireless internet access and good company are always provided. 

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